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I am an English teacher with years of experience, so I know what a productive and well taught language class is. As a student of the Spanish language, my preferred teacher is someone who is able to get their students to talk in Spanish (even if the student has a low level), as well as having the knowledge and expertise to focus on the parts of language that need improving. I am delighted to say Santi provides these teaching qualities for me. His classes are engaging, communicative and most importantly very rewarding for me as a language learner.


Russ Scott - Maths Teacher

Santi is the kind of tutor that you are lucky to find. Indeed his tuition was exactly what I needed. He possesses the perfect balance and “fleet of foot” being able to guide and respond to my interest in equal measure. He also has an excellent sense of humour and patience to manage my stuttering silences as he insists “en Espanol for favor”! He will not take the credit but I now am able to speak Spanish to Spaniards and have proper conversations. He should take credit. Indeed the first “taster” session I found myself speaking Spanish for an hour. How? Santi appears to have that gift of putting you at ease and speaking in such a way that the vocabulary and the pace of the conversation is just right for comprehension. Its quite something to walk away from a session not having used English as has been my personal goal for many a year. He is also hugely skilled with the use of technology, particularly Zoom and Google Drive, which has been a revelation to me, In summary, I highly recommend Santi!


Birgit Stribel

Hola, I got to know Santiago one year ago. I came for two months to Menorca and searched for a teacher to make conversation and refresh my Spanish. In a little local newspaper, I found his announcement and I called him. The next day I had my first lesson! I liked it and so we had almost every week for 2 hours! I enjoyed it very much. We met at the beach, in town, made a picnic, and we always had interesting talks about different topics.

Santi is a very nice person, extremely helpful and endeavoured. Even if I wanted only to talk, he brought worksheets to explain the things and he gave me homework sheets to practice a little in this way. I had a great time with him and I highly recommend him, he is a great teacher!


Marina Basile

I met Santiago when I moved to Menorca from Italy. I was a beginner in Spanish and needed to improve quickly because I wished to find a job on the island. I have been studying Spanish with him for three months now and I could not be more satisfied. I am now an intermediate student! Santi is highly qualified, he is a well prepared, professional and attentive teacher, and a very nice person as well. Taking classes with him is always fun, you never get bored! He customises lessons to suit your level and needs, so that you can improve faster. I also tried online lessons with him and it was just perfect! Santiago helped me a lot when I was looking for a job. He helped me prepare my CV and cover letter according to the Spanish standards and gave me precious tips to be successful at interviews. We also simulated job interviews, going through all possible questions I could be asked in such situations. And, in the end, I found a good job! I´ll go on studying Spanish with Santiago and I surely recommend him as a teacher: he is the top!


Mike and Nicola Rodgers

We were both complete beginners when we started our lessons with Santiago and we were a little daunted by the idea of lessons completely in Spanish, however it is the best thing we could have done. The whole point of us trying to learn Spanish is so we can have a conversation, so speaking with Santi is making us do it. If we slip into English he says ‘solo español’! Each week we have either face to face or online lessons which works well for us. Santiago is the most patient teacher, very encouraging and a really nice guy. We are making progress although at our age, learning and remembering seems much harder but Santi tells us we will get there. We would thoroughly recommend Santi to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.


Edwin Mollema

For around four years studying Spanish has been a hobby and a passion of mine. I am currently participating in a Spanish course at an open university. It is really a lot of fun with the other students, but I am experiencing difficulties with speaking in the class. We are a class of 15, so there is little time for everybody to talk Spanish and when I have to explain something in Spanish and I don’t know how, I tend to start speaking in my native language. In addition to these classes I took up lessons with Santi. The lesson is one on one, so I don’t have to share my time with other students. Santi really helps me with speaking Spanish, what I learn at the open university I can put in to practice. Santi creates a relaxed environment to talk and learn Spanish. When I am talking with Santi, I am not afraid to make mistakes, and when I do Santi corrects me in a constructive manner. In short: Santi creates a relaxed environment to talk and learn Spanish.

I can highly recommend taking up lessons with him.



Santiago is a wonderful and attentive teacher. Each week he is extremely prepared and comes to the lesson with energy and enthusiasm. He is very adept at assessing exactly what I need to study each class, and sends me personalized study materials that are tailored to my individual learning. The time that we spend conversing is invaluable for my progress in learning Spanish and Santiago always slows down or enunciates when I ask for clarification or can’t understand something. I highly recommend Santi if you are looking for fun and effective Spanish instruction.


Desiree van Schagen

Last year Santiago was my Spanish teacher for six months during my stay in Menorca. At the time of starting the lessons my level was beginners and I finished at intermediate. Lessons are customized to what you want to focus on (which for me was and is conversation). This came with specific grammar every week to get to the next level. Santiago uses a lot of interactive games to make you talk as much as possible. In addition, he has all grammar explanations printed out and you always get a copy to take home. I can definitely recommend studying with Santiago! Muchas gracias Santi!!



Santiago is a wonderful tutor who helps me in understanding/speaking Spanish. He displays a great level of knowledge, patience and professionalism and he is always looking for ways to challenge me. He uses various methods of teaching and offers interesting sessions. He is very flexible with schedules and he is very supportive and encouraging. He also has a good sense of humor, and altogether it is always great to have a conversation with him about many topics.



I have learned Spanish with Santiago for about a year now. I started from zero and now, I must say, I can communicate quite well — I’ve been able to hold a fair amount of very long conversations (like 6 hours) while travelling around Spain. Not without breaking a sweat and not without the willingness to cooperate from the other side, but it’s still not bad. Now, of course all this skill wasn’t magically set upon me through Santiago’s lessons, I put a lot of hard work into it. However, Santi is able to explain language structures in a way that makes you feel as if they were obvious all along. Apart from that, lessons with him have motivated me to travel around Spain quite a lot this past year (OK the wine and food had a bit to say here as well). Santi’s classes, simply put, are fun.



My name is Michal and I am Polish. On Spring 2018 I have found Santiago’s Page on the internet when I was seeking Spanish school for the holiday for three of my eldest children. After my email Santiago proposed a trial lesson using Zoom communicator and he agreed to give them private lessons on Menorca in June 2018. My kids 14 Years old Jakub, 13 YO Jan and 9 YO Julia they liked Santiago very much and they willingly attended lessons. After we have to go back to Poland lessons were continued by Zoom for the whole school year. On June 2019 we were at Menorca again and the private lessons were continued. We are going to continue lessons for the next school year.

Santiago is always well prepared for lessons and he uses a lot of interesting games and teaching aids to interest kids to learn. Kids improved their Spanish very much. Santiago is always smiled, willing to help and professional. For teenagers, he is the best choice for Spanish teacher.



Hola! Yo soy Alex! I’ve been doing my lessons with Santi for the past few months and I have to say he’s fantastic! The lessons don’t seem like lessons as we’re often talking about things we have interest in. The books he recommends and works from are great, but the way Santi does the lessons is so enjoyable. We have a good laugh, the conversations are never forced and Santi really helps you feel more comfortable speaking Spanish – which having lived in Madrid for almost 2 years is definitely the challenge – getting over the nerves of talking Spanish! My reading has improved due to the books he recommends, and my speech is getting better but the biggest improvement is in my confidence and that’s thanks to Santi!



I have been studying with Santiago for about half a year now and my experience with him in a nutshell is that he is extremely dedicated and well prepared professor. He has always customized my one to one classes in order to keep me engaged and motivated. Also he is always very well informed about all the hot topics in the world, so I really enjoyed our discussions and articles we analysed together. Before him, I wasn’t able to imagine studying Spanish online but he managed to convince me otherwise. Finally I would highly recommend him if you are looking for an easy and fun, but still very committed and engaged way to learn or improve your Spanish




Santi is always in a good mood and is calm, patient and relaxed. He plans each and every lesson thoroughly and dligitently and makes it fun to practice and learn. The sessions are interesting and varied and stay well clear of those boring repeat-after-me type lessons that we all hated at school. Instead we play games, watch video clips and learn about other countries in the world whilst improving my Spanish! I genuinely look forward to my lessons with Santi and have made huge progress with his help. If you’re looking for a Spanish course to do from the comfort of your own home, or face-to-face whilst you’re on holiday in Menorca, then Santi is the guy you should turn to!



At the start of 2020 I quit my job in order to travel throughout South America, prior to making a career change. I had to return early due to Covid-19 without a job, and had found it frustrating not being able to speak Spanish whilst away. I was recommended to approach Santi for individual and group lessons over Zoom and I was amazed that it was possible to start learning without any prior Spanish knowledge or reliance on English. I have particularly enjoyed the group lessons as it is a great way to practice, and very motivating to measure your own improvement alongside your class peers. It is also great fun and this is testament to Santi’s ability to create a relaxing and fun environment, whilst steering our conversation and learning in the right direction. During a difficult period of my life, these Spanish lessons have been a real lift and I look forward to carrying on my learning with Santi and the group!

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