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Moving to a new country?
Planning a trip in South America or Spain?
Want to improve your Spanish?
Don’t be scared, you can now learn Spanish in an effective and fun way without paying too much!

I’m Santiago Peña and I’m here to help you with your Spanish

Want to Say more than "Una cerveza por favor"?

When I was studying English I had enough of boring grammar books and exercises, what I really wanted was to speak English from day one. I also tried those modern apps which promise you to speak a language in a week with virtually no effort…Yeah, whatever…

With my classes you will be speaking Spanish since the very first moment. My lessons are focused on conversation, once you are able to speak and understand basic Spanish we will then move on to grammar, reading and writing

You will soon realise that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn!


Meet your teacher

I know what it means to feel blocked thinking you will never be able to speak that language which sounds so beautiful but at the same time so alien to you. Believe me, I went through all that when trying to learn English, you can ask my teacher Lucas! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Topography and after working many years in different big infrastructure projects around Spain I felt I wanted to do something else. I was tired of moving to a different city each time and I wanted to live close to the sea. I like the contact with people, their stories, dreams, struggles. After pondering several ideas, I discovered that my real vocation was teaching…


Brian - English Teacher

I a m an English teacher with years of experience, so I know what a productive and well taught language class is. As a student of the Spanish language, my preferred teacher is someone who is able to get their students to talk in Spanish (even if the student has a low level), as well as having the knowledge and expertise to focus on the parts of language that need improving. I am delighted to say Santi provides these teaching qualities for me. His classes are engaging, communicative and most importantly very rewarding for me as a language learner.

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How does it work with private lessons?

Want to try a free lesson?

I carefully prepare every single lesson in advance and I customise the class and the tools for each student’s needs. No matter which is your level or how intensive you need the course to be, I will find the best way for you to learn at your own pace keeping you focused.

You can now book a free online Spanish lesson with me. If you think I’m rubbish, then you can just tell me (maybe in a nicer way) and we will not continue with the course. This will cost you 0€.

Different choices to fit your way of learning

Online Conversation Group, Online Private Lessons, Private Classes in Menorca, or our school in Menorca
And a Premium Intensive Programme.

Not everyone learns in the same way, if you’re based in Menorca we offer classes at our local School, for some people they want to learn quickly and dedicate a bit more time to learning Spanish so I also offer a set of intensive courses that help you to learn Spanish at a faster rate. And finally for those of you wanting to either start their journey in Spanish, improve their language skills or even develop the skills you’ve learned previously, I have my private online and in-person classes!

Online Conversation Group

What's included?

Online Private Lessons

What's included?

School Classes

What's included?

One to one in Menorca

What's included?

How much it costs

The best value in Spanish Lessons

All of my prices are depending on the duration of your course – but there is an option for everyone! From 1 lesson to 10 – it’s up to you! Just get in touch, remember your first private lesson is FREE and we can discuss your options when you send me a message!


Conversation Group
15 Prices start from
€15 per lessons
  • 60 minute personalised lessons
  • 4 people per class
Best Value


Private lessons
33 Prices start from
€33 per lesson
  • 60 minute lessons
  • Lessons are one on one
Best Value


Classes in Menorca
14 Prices start from
€14 per lessons
  • 60 minute lessons
  • 4-6 people per class
Best Value

One to one

In Menorca
35 Prices start from
€35 per lessons
  • 60 minute personalised lessons
  • Lessons are one on one
Best Value


Alex - Web Designer

Hola! Yo soy Alex! I’ve been doing my lessons with Santi for the past few months and I have to say he’s fantastic! The lessons don’t seem like lessons as we’re often talking about things we have interest in. The books he recommends and works from are great, but the way Santi does the lessons is so enjoyable. We have a good laugh, the conversations are never forced and Santi really helps you feel more comfortable speaking Spanish – which having lived in Madrid for almost 2 years is definitely the challenge – getting over the nerves of talking Spanish! My reading has improved due to the books he recommends, and my speech is getting better but the biggest improvement is in my confidence and that’s thanks to Santi!

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