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My online conversation classes are honestly something else.

Online Spanish Conversation Group

Maybe you’ve tried joining a Spanish conversation group before, but you didn’t like it because it was chaos.

The chatterboxes taking all the time, the introverts having to listen to their endless jabber, and no native speaker in sight to really teach anything useful.

Well, forget all that.


Jonny - Chemical Engineer

At the start of 2020 I quit my job in order to travel throughout South America, prior to making a career change. I had to return early due to Covid-19 without a job, and had found it frustrating not being able to speak Spanish whilst away. I was recommended to approach Santi for solo and group lessons over Zoom and I was amazed that it was possible to start learning without any prior Spanish knowledge or reliance on English.

I have particularly enjoyed the group lessons as it is a great way to practice, and very motivating to measure your own improvement alongside your class peers. It is also great fun and this is testament to Santi’s ability to create a relaxing and fun environment, whilst steering our conversation and learning in the right direction.

During a difficult period of my life, these Spanish lessons have been a real lift and I look forward to carrying on my learning with Santi and the group!

Suitable for all levels​

Your knowledge doesn't matter 50%

Certain, you need to have some idea of Spanish if you want to make the most of these classes, but don’t think you need to have an intermediate level.

There are 3 levels:

beginners, intermediate and advance. I’ll have a chat with you first to asses your level.

For only 15 EUR

a lesson you’ll be speaking Spanish from day 1 and improving at a much faster pace.


 find these lessons very useful because they help them to break the ice, lose themselves and speak without fear.


Meet Roberta,
one of my students

She’ll tell you why my classes are something else

Your little window to the World

My Online Spanish Conversation Groups are formed with students from very different countries and from a wide age range.

That makes the whole thing even more interesting! Don’t give it too much thought and join us now.

Try a conversation lesson for free

And see if it works for you. I’m sure you will want to join us every week!

What time suits you best?

A conversation group is the ideal complement for your one2one lessons. On these private lessons I will be only concentrated in you and your progress with the Spanish language. Check here prices and how the online one2one lessons work.

Also online one2one lessons

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