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Premium Intensive Spanish Programs

You have landed here because you are serious about learning Spanish. ¡Muy bien! 🙂

You probably had several attempts to master the Spanish language in the past without much success, and this time you have told yourself “it’s now or never”.

I’m so thrilled you are determined to finally speak Spanish because I’ve designed this intensive program especially for your situation.

During all these past years teaching Spanish, I’ve listened attentively to my students and I can proudly proclaim that today I understand much better what “serious” students need and how to provide the exact tools which will help them to climb to the top of the mountain and shout out loud “¡Lo logré!”.


your teacher

All my experience, and that of many students that have learnt Spanish with me

and now speak it fluently, are concentrated in these Premium and Premium Plus programs that will help you to finally speak good Spanish.

I will be your mentor in this immersion journey, working together for 8 or 16 weeks until you reach your own personal goals.

Personal goals are different from one student to the next; yours can be to finally be fluent in Spanish so you can move to a Spanish speaking country, or to be well prepared for a new job, or even to be able to write perfect work emails in Spanish.

Premium Intensive Spanish Programs

You just tell me what is that you want and together we make sure you get there.

My students have different levels, for some of them I’m their first serious contact with the language, for others I’m the person with whom they practice their conversation skills and with whom they can improve their written Spanish.

It won’t be a painful journey, I promise, we will have a lot of fun along the way, but, I tell you already now, you will have to work hard.

I’m going to help you to finally speak very good Spanish.

How? By using all my enthusiasm and professionalism, and nudging you to escape your comfort zone and enjoy this amazing journey.

So what's included in the Premium packages?


Premium Program


Premium Plus Program


Platinium Program

What my students have to say

I have developed a modern method of teaching Spanish that has proven to be very effective for all my students. And I don’t say it, my students say it.

Mentorship Services

Perhaps what you need is one-off support with a specific document or preparing for a special event. For instance, you need help to write your resume in Spanish, or with a presentation for customers, or preparing for a job interview. For this type of support you might not want to commit for a long period and just want to book some time with me to help you on that specific task. This is also possible. Contact me to check all the possibilities. No strings attached!

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