Your One2One Spanish Tutor


Do you often travel to Spain and would like to be able to say something else than “Una cerveza por favor”?


Are you moving to Spain or Latin America for work or for love and wish to

master the Spanish language?


Are you planning your backpacking dream trip in South America and

would like to speak some Spanish to mingle with the locals?


Don’t be scared, you can now learn Spanish in an effective and fun way

without paying too much!



I’m Santiago Peña and I’m here to help you with your Spanish.


I know what it means to feel blocked thinking you will never be able to speak that language which sounds so beautiful but at the same time so alien to you.

Believe me, I went through all that when trying to learn English, you can ask my teacher Lucas!

Because I know very well the effort it takes to learn a new language, I wanted to develop the easiest way to learn Spanish.

When I was studying English I had enough of boring grammar books and exercises, what I really wanted was to speak English from day one.

I also tried those modern apps which promise you to speak a language in a week with virtually no effort…Yeah, whatever…

With my classes you will be speaking Spanish since the very first moment. My lessons are focused on conversation, once you are able to speak and understand basic Spanish we will then move on to grammar, reading and writing

You will soon realise that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn!

I have developed a modern method to teach live online, using Skype and similar software,  which has proven very effective for all of my students. And I don´t say so, my students do:

I am an English teacher with years of experience, so I know what a productive and well taught language class is.  As a student of the Spanish language, my preferred teacher is someone who is able to get their students to talk in Spanish (even if the student has a low level), as well as having the knowledge and expertise to focus on the parts of language that need improving.  I am delighted to say Santi provides these teaching qualities for me.  His classes are engaging, communicative and most importantly very rewarding for me as a language learner.

Brian Collins

I carefully prepare every single lesson in advance and I customise the class and the tools for each student´s needs. No matter which is your level or how intensive you need the course to be, I will find the best way for you to learn at your own pace keeping you focused.

You can now book a free online Spanish lesson with me. If you think I’m rubbish, then you can just tell me (maybe in a nicer way J) and we will not continue with the course. This will cost you 0 €.

Come on, don’t procrastinate any longer!




If you are serious about learning Spanish and want to improve your skills much faster check out my Intesive Programs.

I have designed this special program for those students who want to learn Spanish quicker and need a mentor to accompany them in this journey.

You can choose between the 8 week or 16 week Premium Programs.

All the experience I’ve gained during these last years teaching Spanish is concentrated in this intensive program that will be perfectly adapted to your level and will help you to finally achieve your personal goals.

Learn More about the Premium Programs

If you are lucky enough to be spending some time in the paradisiac island of Menorca, contact me and I will be happy to teach you your first free Spanish lesson in your apartment or on your boat, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.


If you had fun during your first class and wish to keep seeing me, we will agree on the schedule which most suits you. Once you have to go back to your country of residence we can always continue the classes online if you wish it.

If you are not so lucky and you aren’t in Menorca, then we can always see each other online

Wouldn’t be a dream to forget your English to Spanish dictionary and master the Spanish language?

That dream is closer and easier than you think

Online classes are proven to be very convenient for various reasons:

  1. You don’t waste time and money commuting
  2. You can choose the most suitable time for you
  3. Online classes are cheaper than face2face private lessons
  4. I will be teaching only to you, so you don’t have to listen to other students’ questions for answers you already know
  5. You will feel less ashamed of your accent since I will be the only one listening to you (and you will not be ashamed anyways when you hear me speaking in English….)
  6. The immersion to the Spanish language is complete, I avoid to speak in English as much as possible, so you learn Spanish quicker
  7. I will recommend fun stuff to do in order to practice, always depending on your preferences and hobbies so you will definitely enjoy doing your homework

Some curious facts about the Spanish language

Did you know that Spanish…?

  1. is already the first language of more than 450 million people.
  2. is growing faster than English or Chinese, and it is estimated that by 2050 it could be the first language of more than 7.5% of the World’s population.
  3. is already the second most-used language in the Internet.
  4. it gives you access to a great and rich world-class culture: literary works, music, films… More than 75,000 book titles are published every year in Spain, 25,000 in Argentina, 24,000 in Mexico, 13,000 in Colombia… Have you heard of Cervantes and his “Don Quixote”? Of Gabriel García Márquez? Of Borges, Cortázar? Pedro Almodóvar? Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Juanes, Celia Cruz, Molotov…?
  5. is a very forgiving language by itself. And if you add to that that by our character most of Spanish speakers will really do their best at understanding, you can be certain that you will be able to communicate with us even if your Spanish is… “no tan bueno”.

Don’t wait any longer and start learning Spanish now!