Achieve level A1 in only 6 months!


An effective online Spanish Course for absolute beginners.

Would you like to be able to have a basic conversation in Spanish?

Now you can’t, but in 6 months you’ll be able to speak Spanish.

Even if you can’t yet say a single word in Spanish apart from paella. These many years teaching Spanish online to people like you have taught me that there is no such a thing as “I’m poor at languages”.

My speciality: absolute beginners

I teach all levels, but I especially enjoy teaching to beginners. I just feel great when a person who couldn’t say a single word in Spanish only a few weeks before, is able to tell me a little anecdote that will make us laugh together.

It’s a big challenge I’m always happy to take on. I just have a lot of fun teaching!


Meet Paul,
one of my students

He’ll tell you why my classes are something else

From Hola to Asereje

Don’t worry !

Even Spaniards don’t understand what The Ketchup Song says!

I will only teach you useful stuff.

In a small group of 4 students maximum and with my sure-fire method you’ll get to A1 level in Spanish in just 6 months.

After completing this 6-month Spanish course you will be able to:

Yes, you can. Trust me!

You just have to work with me and your 3 fellow students.

What’s included in the A1 course?

Learning a language was never this fun and easy!



Santiago is a wonderful tutor who helps me in understanding/speaking Spanish. He displays a great level of knowledge, patience and professionalism and he is always looking for ways to challenge me. He uses various methods of teaching and offers interesting sessions. He is very flexible with schedules and he is very supportive and encouraging. He also has a good sense of humor, and altogether it is always great to have a conversation with him about many topics.

I’m a Morning Bird

Every day from 11:30 to 12:30 CET

I’m an Evening Legend

Every day from 18:30 to 19:30 CET

And who is this guy?

I’m glad you asked! I’m Santiago Peña, a topographer who one day, many years ago, discovered what he really wanted to do in life: teaching Spanish.

I left everything in Madrid and moved to Menorca where I followed several courses to teach Spanish as a foreign language.

Fast forward 5 years and I’m still loving what I do. I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Never stopped learning, I’m continuously following courses about what’s new in the teaching world.

I just want my students to learn Spanish fast and to have a lot of fun along the way.

I could tell you that’s my purpose in life but maybe I sound a bit dramatic…

If you join my classes, we can talk about each other’s purposes!

Not getting anywhere with the DIY approach?

An online group class with a friendly and patient teacher is what you need.

Still on the fence? Then watch this video

You’ll get your diploma

After you complete the course you’ll get a certificate that will show you have achieved A1 level in Spanish.

It’s not official but it will make you (and your relatives) very proud.

And we will celebrate the end of the course with a virtual fiesta with wine and tapas. Unless you can come to Menorca, then I’ll invite you to try one of my delicious paellas!

Don’t overthink so much – just join us today!


Let’s see if I can answer them all

We will work with Aula internacional Plus 1 book (English Edition) and other materials like videos and games. I recommend you buy the book and pay the access to Difusión platform so you can work on the exercises at home too. Price for the book and access to the platform is 39.99 EUR.
Then I will record the lesson and send it to you so you can watch it and do the exercises in your own time. This way you won’t miss anything!
If you don’t miss any of the classes and you do all the homework I’ll give you then yes, you’ll have an A1 level at the end of the course.
Yes, 3 students minimum per group
A laptop, desktop or a tablet will work. I recommend you use the biggest screen you have available in order to follow the class as comfortably as possible
If there are free places, we would do a test class to asses your level and see if it matches the group’s level.
Contact me, I’ll send you my invoice details so you can pay for the A1 course by bank transfer or Pay Pall.

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Thank you

I will contact you shortly

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