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Learning Spanish can (and should) be fun!

Learning Spanish can (and should) be fun! 

Forget the old boring method of memorising grammar and vocabulary. My method is based on communication and learning tasks, which means you will be using Spanish from the first lesson. You will learn in a dynamic and efficient way, since you will be using the language a bit more each day.

I design a customised course for each student, taking in consideration your needs, so you can progressively develop your communication skills in Spanish and reach your goals.

 I teach to individuals and groups, intensive short and long-term courses. 

 I will be happy to provide you with more information.  Get in touch!


Lucas - English Teacher

Hola, I have learned Spanish with Santiago for about a year now. I started from zero and now, I must say, I can communicate quite well — I’ve been able to hold a fair amount of very long conversations (like 6 hours) while travelling around Spain. Not without breaking a sweat and not without the willingness to cooperate from the other side, but it’s still not bad. Now, of course all this skill wasn’t magically set upon me through Santiago’s lessons, I put a lot of hard work into it. However, Santi is able to explain language structures in a way that makes you feel as if they were obvious all along. Apart from that, lessons with him have motivated me to travel around Spain quite a lot this past year (OK the wine and food had a bit to say here as well). Santi’s classes, simply put, are fun.