About me

Qualified Spanish teacher lucky enough to live in Menorca (Spain).

I’m Santiago Peña and I’m here to help you with your Spanish. But first let me tell you a little bit more about me so you get to know my story.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Topography and after working many years in different big infrastructure projects around Spain I felt I wanted to do something else. I was tired of moving to a different city each time and I wanted to live close to the sea. I like the contact with people, their stories, dreams, struggles. After pondering several ideas, I discovered that my real vocation was teaching.

In 2009 I graduated as a Secondary School Teacher from Baleares University. Later I gained a Spanish teaching certification at Instituto Cervantes, the best and most prestigious international institution to train and become a Spanish Teacher.

I have more than five years of teaching experience, thanks to this background I have developed a program customized to every student’s needs. The concept “One size fit all” doesn’t work at all in teaching not only languages, but virtually anything.

There are some students who would rather focus on learning the language by simulation of real-life situations, while others would rather study grammar and understand each idiomatic structure.

All of my students enjoy my approach to teaching Spanish, because I always make sure I deliver the material in a simple, fun and effective way.

I love travelling and meeting people from everywhere. I’ve lived in a lot of different places. I have recently come back to Spain from Holland and I now live in Menorca. This place is a paradise, if you have the chance to visit it don’t hesitate!




I am an English teacher with years of experience, so I know what a productive and well taught language class is.  As a student of the Spanish language, my preferred teacher is someone who is able to get their students to talk in Spanish (even if the student has a low level), as well as having the knowledge and expertise to focus on the parts of language that need improving.  I am delighted to say Santi provides these teaching qualities for me.  His classes are engaging, communicative and most importantly very rewarding for me as a language learner.

Brian Collins


We were both complete beginners when we started our lessons with Santiago and we were
a little daunted by the idea of lessons completely in Spanish, however it is the best thing we
could have done. The whole point of us trying to learn Spanish is so we can have a
conversation, so speaking with Santi is making us do it. If we slip into English he says ‘solo
Each week we have either face to face or online lessons which works well for us.
Santiago is the most patient teacher, very encouraging and a really nice guy. We are making
progress although at our age, learning and remembering seems much harder but Santi tells
us we will get there. We would thoroughly recommend Santi to anyone who wants to learn

Mike and Nicola Rodgers


Santiago is a wonderful and attentive teacher. Each week he is extremely prepared and comes to the lesson with energy and enthusiasm. He is very adept at assessing exactly what I need to study each class, and sends me personalized study materials that are tailored to my individual learning. The time that we spend conversing is invaluable for my progress in learning Spanish and Santiago always slows down or enunciates when I ask for clarification or can’t understand something. I highly recommend Santi if you are looking for fun and effective Spanish instruction.


Camera refurb technician


Santiago is a wonderful tutor who helps me in understanding/speaking Spanish. He displays a great level of knowledge, patience and professionalism and he is always looking for ways to challenge me. He uses various methods of teaching and offers interesting sessions. He is very flexible with schedules and he is very supportive and encouraging. He also has a good sense of humor, and altogether it is always great to have a conversation with him about many topics.


House Manager

Hola, I have learned Spanish with Santiago for about a year now. I started from zero and now, I must say, I can communicate quite well — I’ve been able to hold a fair amount of very long conversations (like 6 hours) while travelling around Spain. Not without breaking a sweat and not without the willingness to cooperate from the other side, but it’s still not bad. Now, of course all this skill wasn’t magically set upon me through Santiago’s lessons, I put a lot of hard work into it. However, Santi is able to explain language structures in a way that makes you feel as if they were obvious all along. Apart from that, lessons with him have motivated me to travel around Spain quite a lot this past year (OK the wine and food had a bit to say here as well). Santi’s classes, simply put, are fun


English teacher