Offer experiences, not things 


We all have so many material things nowadays that it’s difficult to come up with a great gift for that special person.

At the end what we will remember when we get old is all the things we’ve done and the people we’ve met, not the things we had.

This year be that change and offer experiences and knowledge instead of things to your favourite people.

Surprise them and show them how much you care!

If that person you love has mentioned how much he or she would love to speak Spanish, then this is the perfect gift!

Once you choose the pack you prefer, we’ll send you a nice voucher so you can wrap it if you like! 😊.


Pack of 3 online Spanish classes

Special price 75 60 EUR


Pack of 5 online Spanish classes

Special price 125 100 EUR


Payment for classes is via PayPal, a safe and secure way to pay via debit or credit card or bank transfer.