Online Spanish conversation classes

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Online Spanish conversation classes. Your shortcut to speaking fluently.

The coronavirus has limited our social life.

We see our friends and family less often.

It has limited our travels and we dream about the day when we’ll be able to see a concert live again.

The good news is that we have Internet.

And with Internet the possibilities are endless.

A video call with friends will never replace a dinner party but at least we can still see and hear each other.

The same goes for learning a new skill.

I have a friend who is an excellent musician and he is now teaching his students to play the guitar online.

At the beginning he hated it. It was really difficult for him to clearly hear how the student was playing a particular note.

But once he got used to the different sound of the guitar through the headphones, his ears also adapted and now he’s perfectly capable of hearing mistakes.

And the same happened to me with my Spanish conversation classes.

At the beginning I thought it was going to be weird to gather a small group of people who didn’t know each other and push them to talk on a video call.

I also thought we would have cuts due to bad connectivity but since nowadays almost everyone has a good internet connection the noises and cuts are minimal and, the truth is, it almost feel we are seated next to each other.

Speak it out!

You might think you need to have a certain level to start speaking a language but this is not entirely true.

Most of my students are beginners who have a limited vocabulary.

To learn a language you need to listen and to speak and this is basically what we do in the conversation classes.

That and being creative with our jokes!

I have students from very different countries and ages, so the conversations are never dull.

What my students (and myself) also enjoy about the conversation classes is that is a way to be connected to other people in these times of social distance.

We chat and have fun and I feel great seeing the progress all my students experience almost without realising.

Because they learn chatting and having fun, not studying.

After each class I share a document with everyone on Google Drive with all the new vocabulary we have learnt together and with the errors that each of the students have done.

So you learn quicker.

I also send the document by email if some one doesn’t have access to Google Drive.

We also share tips on how to learn Spanish faster.

Safe environment

In my conversation classes we all respect each other.

I have managed to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to speak up and ask whatever passes through their minds.

I make sure people feel at ease. I will nudge you to speak, because that’s the point, but you’ll never feel I put you on the spot.

I have different groups for different levels, so you just need to contact me and I’ll put you in one of the groups depending on your level and availability.

The first class is free so what are you waiting for to give it a try?

You have nothing to loose!

Better days than others

We all have those kinds of days where we cannot say a straight sentence that make sense.

It also happens to me trying to learn English (this post has been translated by someone else, in case you wonder).

There are days when I don’t remember anything and I wonder if I would be loosing my memory.

But then next time I’d have a great day and start day-dreaming:“A few more classes and I will be ready to meet the Queen of England for tea!”

I bet my house on it that you will experience the same thing.

So don’t worry too much about it and don’t get frustrated if some days you sound more like Ellen DeGeneres than Antonio Banderas.

The important thing is to continue practicing and not to quit.

Come and have some fun with us while learning Spanish!

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