How To Find A Good Online Spanish Tutor

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Online lessons are the ideal solution for you if you don’t want to be bothered to go to a language school and listen to what other students had for breakfast that morning.

Maybe you are asking yourself…

But, where I can find a good Spanish tutor?

There are several ways to find a good tutor but it’ll be up to you to decide if your choice is any good. Let me explain.

Finding a Spanish tutor is easy – there are hundreds of sites where you can find a long list of language tutors like Verbling, Vidalingua, Prely, and so on- however, the most complicated part is to find a GOOD one!

So, how can you be sure your Spanish tutor is really good?

I’m glad you asked that question because I’m going to give you some tips to find this out easily.

How to identify if my Spanish tutor is an amateur.

Don’t trust the years of experience a person writes on his profile, it’s easy to lie in this respect.

They can say for instance that they have given face to face classes before going online and that’s why their website or profile is very new.

In order to identify if your tutor has the right experience check these 3 elements during your first class:

  1. Has he started the class with a test to asses your level?
  2. Has he got a lot of materials ready at hand?
  3. Are these materials not only written documents but also other formats, like videos or audios?

These 3 elements are key to identify if the person has followed serious language teaching trainings and knows what he’s doing.

You are right, maybe it’s difficult to see all these 3 elements during the first class.

However, if she doesn’t assess your level during this first lesson you could say that’s already a bad sign…

Did I make the right choice with my Spanish tutor?

If you are still unsure if your tutor is any good after the first 2-3 lessons, these other aspects are going to definitely help you decide whether you are throwing your money into the bin or you’re on the right track to fluently hablar Español.

Let’s see them.

- He is ready for every class

Before starting the lesson he has organised what you are going to learn that day. He has a series of exercises ready for you based on what you need and would like to learn.

- He has answers for every question

TAnd if he is unsure about something he tells you so and comes back to you by email or WhatsApp as soon as he finds the answer to your question.

- He knows how to explain complex concepts

The Spanish language can sometimes be a bit difficult to grasp because we use some verb tenses that don’t exist in other languages, like the Subjunctive.

A good Spanish tutor should know how to explain these complex concepts with examples that will make it easier for you to remember.

- He has a lot of materials

Like we said, not only written exercises but also videos, audios, games. Learning a language needs to be fun and effective. A good Spanish tutor that has followed professional training uses a lot of resources to help you master the language faster.

- He is proactive

You don’t have the feeling you need to drive the lesson, he listens to your feedback on preferences and needs but comes with resources.

- He likes his job

Teaching is not easy and is not for everyone. You need to love it. A good tutor is passionate about what he does and you will feel it in every class. You feel he’s close to being a friend with whom you have a weekly date.


I hear you, you don’t want to pay too much to learn Spanish, fair enough. But you shouldn’t only base your decision on price.

A good tutor can help you learn a language much faster than a bad one.

A good teacher will motivate you to continue and not quit like you have done in the past.

A good tutor will make you love the Spanish language as well as its culture, which is one of the richest cultures in the world. Remember, Spanish is the second language most spoken in the world!

There are plenty of online Spanish tutors out there, but they are not all good.

Now you know how to choose!

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