10 tips to learn Spanish quickly

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10 tips to learn Spanish quickly

When you think about learning Spanish your palms start sweating.

Still, it’s something you’ve wanted for a long time.

You want to be able to maintain nice conversations with locals when travelling to Spain. Or maybe you’d like to feel more integrated in the community since you moved in some time ago.

So what’s the cause of you delaying the moment to start learning? Could it be that you have in mind those boring language classes from your school years, with endless grammar exercises?

Learning a language doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, you just need to choose what you like most and do it in Spanish.

Let me explain.

To learn a language you need to enjoy most of the process, otherwise it’ll take you a great effort and you will most likely quit after a little while.

I’m here to give you some tips to make the most of your journey into the Spanish language so you make progress and have fun at the same time.

I can picture your face as you realise you can understand someone asking you for directions, or telling your order to a waiter in Spanish without having to use your hands too much.

Just follow these 10 tips and you will speak Spanish faster than you think!

1. Listen a lot

We all learn to speak by listening first.

Have you noticed that babies also look at your mouth when you talk to them?

This is the way they learn how to pronounce words, by imitating the sounds people make with their tongues and lips.

So you also have to listen a lot.

If you like to listen to the radio or podcasts, choose some in Spanish, even if you don’t understand anything at the beginning your ears will get used to the pronunciation and you will soon recognise some words.

On the radio people speak more clearly and with a neutral accent so it’s easier to understand.

When you are in Spain, listen to people talking and look at their mouths. If you don’t know them, maybe you shouldn’t stare at them for too long, otherwise they’ll think you are a weirdo.

But if you manage to do it subtly, you have a lot to win.

2. Watch Spanish series on Netflix

There are a lot of great Spanish productions on Netflix so you can enjoy a good story and at the same time learn Spanish.

Put English subtitles to start with, but try to listen carefully to recognise words.

You can even press pause and repeat those words several times so they will stay in your head.

If I was you I wouldn’t press pause in the middle of a high intensity moment if you don’t want your partner to get mad at you.

3. Read the sports or the news in Spanish

Now we have access to all newspapers on Internet, so you don’t even have to purchase them in paper form.

Choose articles about simple topics at first, don’t try to read about politics straight away! Politics are already complicated in your own language…

There are also many books that have been adapted to different levels.

So for example you could read a simplified version of The Quixote. And don’t complain, Spanish kids have to read the complete version at secondary school!

Honestly, it’s a fun book. It’s the first adventures book ever written!

4. Forget about being shy

If you want to speak Spanish you need to surmount your shyness.

Forget about feeling ridiculous or judged.

Most people will appreciate your effort learning the language and will patiently try to understand what you say.

Just think that speaking is the only way you will learn new words, and practicing those words every time you have the opportunity is how you’ll remember them.

You will also improve your pronunciation and get the grammar.

5. Repeat what you hear

When you identify a word or a sentence repeat it several times.

Talking to oneself in a bus or walking in the street doesn’t seem any more like you are crazy, most people will think you are talking to someone using wireless ear buds.

So just repeat and repeat until that word is well stuck in your mind.

If you think about it this is also how children learn to speak, like little monkeys mimicking the way adults talk.

6. Join a conversation group

Practicing your Spanish in a conversation group is ideal to learn the language quickly.

If you can’t find any group in your neighbourhood you can always join an online group like this one

You not only learn by speaking but also by listening to others.

Besides, as there’s a teacher driving the group, he will correct any mistakes, which is very important not to repeat them, and he will also encourage people to talk by asking questions.

7. Go to Spain on holidays

I don’t think this will cause you pain… Spain is a great country with a rich diversity of landscapes and culture.

Stunning beaches, mountains, cultural heritage, museums, restaurants…

The whole lot!

Go to Spain and enjoy everything it’s got to offer while you practice the language.

8. Find a good online Spanish teacher

This is without a doubt the fastest way to learn any language.

You have an experienced teacher at your entire disposal who is focused only on your improvement.

It doesn’t have to mean a huge investment, just think about all those unnecessary things you often buy and decide what’s more important for you.

Yet another pair of shoes? Do you really need that expensive gadget?

Very often things that aren’t material are those that make us happier. It’s up to you.

With a good Spanish online teacher you will speak Spanish in no time.

Learn here how to find a good one!

9. Make a Spanish friend

A good friend is a treasure but especially if he or she is Spanish!

You won’t only be able to practice Spanish with them but also ask them a lot of questions that they will be happy to answer.

We, Spaniards, are known for being very helpful when others want to learn our language since we love to speak in our mother tongue.

10. Have fun learning Spanish and encourage yourself with every little victory

A little victory means being able to communicate what you want to say to someone without using any English words. Even if it’s just a short sentence.

When you realise you understood the question a stranger made to you in the street and you could answer it with confidence.

Every little victory counts and it will make you so proud of yourself!

Have fun learning and just laugh at your mistakes.

We all make mistakes when we start learning something, the most important is to get to do it!

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